J-1 Visa

Working and studying without border — J1 is your best choice

A J-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa for research scholars, professors and exchange visitors participating in programs that promote cultural exchange. Applying for J-1 is relatively easy and the applicant will be able to work legally in the United States with it.

J1—a prefect alternative to H1B

Although the J-1 visa is commonly known as a visa designed for exchange scholars, it could be assigned for not only academic exchanges but also for training, working, teaching, researching, and a variety of other purposes. For H1B applicants who did not win the lottery, the J1 visa is another way to legally extend their stays in the United States, especially for individuals who are not willing to pay the high tuition fees for CPT schools: they will be able to continue their work with a J-1.

2 year exemption

Spending more tuitions and reapplying for schools is not the only way to extend your legal status in the U.S. after your H1B application is rejected. Choose our team and we can save you with a J-1. Meanwhile, the GoH1B team have rich experience with the 2 year exemption, and we will design your individual plan just for you.

How it Works



在线支付费用、律师将在2个小时之内通过电话或邮件联系您,律师了解您的专业和背景,为您定制出具体的申请方案及时间表,律师联系公司的HR或者公司相关负责人,并收集公司基本信息;律师帮助公司填写LCA过程中的ETA Form 9035表格。