Organizing the personal materials

You will need to provide your personal information as well as copies of official documents, such as passport, I-20, EAD. You will also need to send along your résumé, diploma, and transcript. Our attorney will assist you in the preparation process.



The attorney will contact you within 2 hours after you have filled in the forms and made online payment.



The attorney will thoroughly study your background, especially your position and wage level to ensure that you wage is above the minimum standard for H1B application.



The attorney will provide a more comprehensive evaluation of your case and design a customized solution based on your personal background.

Organizing the company’s materials

The company will need to provide specific information such as the address, contact information, EIN number, as well as annual income.


Contacting the company

The attorney will reach out to the HR of the company to collect relevant information


Setting up the account

If the company does not have a LCA account, the attorney will set up a new account


Filling in the LCA

The attorney will help to fill in the ETA form 9035 in LCA

Preparing and Customizing the materials


Fill in the application form

The attorney will fill in the I-129 application form (with the I-907 form in case of expedition).


Writing the petition letter

The attorney will draft a customized petition letter on a case-by-case basis.


Signing and reviewing

After final review, the documents will be sent back to the beneficiary and the company to sign.

Delivering the package and check


Preparing the check

The attorney will help the company to prepare the necessary check and reconfirm the amount required.
This is a very important step: if the amount is incorrect, the applicant will be disqualified immediately.


Delivering the materials

The attorney will pack and deliver the materials on time, making sure the package arrives USCIS on the first weekday in April (2018/4/2)


Obtaining receipt

The attorney will notify the company and the beneficiary immediately upon receiving the confirmation to secure a slot for the client in the lottery pool

Tracking the result


Online Update

The attorney will keep the client posted via phone call or e-mail


Preparing for RFE

If the client was selected for RFE, the attorney will contact the client immediately to prepare for supplemental materials


Getting H1B

The client successfully obtain the H1B visa