Top-speed extension

Preparation of all materials will be done within 2 weeks
Enjoy a discounted price at $999 for RFE



Extension appeal

We will need to first assess the successful rate
Contact the customer service for more details
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  • Why choose H1B Legal Group?

    The H1B Legal Group dedicated only to H-1B applications. Each attorney has handled thousands of H-1B application cases, and we provide the highest-quality services. The H1B Legal Group analyzed tens of thousands of H-1B cases to ensure the quality of materials and increase the clearance rate. We promise an unconditional refund within 7 days.


  • What is the lowest price guarantee?

    If you find a better deal elsewhere (including discount price), please contact us via e-mail, telephone, or WeChat. We will offer you a lower discount to ensure that you enjoy the best deal.


  • What is included in the top-speed extension package?

    It includes filling in labor condition application (LCA), Forms I-129 and I-907, reviewing all the materials, writing application letters, and delivering the package.
    It does not include the cost of RFE-subsidiary materials, handling fees, and shipping fees charged by the USCIS. If you need RFE, you can enjoy the service from H1B Legal group at a discounted price.

  • What is included in the extension Appeal?

    The RFE as well as rejection rate for H1B extension application have been increasing in recent years. Therefore, our team will select the customers on a case-by-case basis. Please contact customer service for more details.


  • How do I pay for the service?

    We encourage customers to pay with the third-party platforms, and one of our representatives will contact you shortly after the online purchase is made. We accept every major credit card as well as PayPal, and we ensure the security of your payment.


  • How will my attorney contact me after I make the payment?

    You will be contacted by our attorney via phone or e-mail within 2 hours of your payment, so please be sure that you have filled in the correct information.

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