美国国土安全部法规8 C.F.R. Section 214.2(h)(4)(ii) 对能够办H-1B的雇主做了如下定义:
“United States employer means a person, firm, corporation, contractor, or other association, or organization in the United States which:
(1) Engages a person to work within the United States;
(2) Has an employer-employee relationship with respect to employees under this part, as indicated by the fact that it may hire, pay, fire, supervise, or otherwise control the work of any such employee; and
(3) Has an Internal Revenue Service Tax identification number.”
该定义明确显示, 只要有联邦税号, 与申请人有正式雇佣关系并能直接控制申请人工作的雇主, 都可成为H1B雇主. 该法规并未对公司人数或规模有任何限制。

1. 公司要有确实的经营,这些可以通过公司的Gross Income和Net Income体现。
2. 小公司h1b申请职位要注意专业化。
3. 申请职位要与公司的规模相符合,有一些职位一般只适用于规模较大的公司。